We require a 50% deposit to book a hunt.  The balance is due prior to the beginning of the hunt.  Money orders, cashiers checks and cash only.  If a client applies for permits in a Montana FWP drawing but is unsuccessful in drawing a permit, the deposit will be refunded.  All other deposits are non-refundable. 

We charge for unscheduled trips to and from the airport.  Scheduled trips are a part of your hunt and no extra cost to you.  Regularly scheduled airport runs are the day before you start hunting and the day after you are done hunting. 

We have a wounded animal policy for our big game hunts.  Montana’s game animals are a precious resource and are here for everyone to enjoy.  However, animals that are wounded and get away are considered yours.  We will exhaust all of our resources in an attempt to recover your game, but there is no substitute for lots of shooting practice, the right caliber, and equipment. 

We take all of the meat to a local processor.  You may either take it with you or make arrangements with the processor for shipping.  If you do not want the meat, you can pay the basic processing fee and have the meat donated to someone in need.  We do not cover meat processing or shipping expenses.